Finally at the Farallons!

Fiinally here on the South East Farallon Island, after being delayed a day because of choppy wave conditions. It’s lovely here, and because it’s the rainy season, the island is a beautifully lush and green. Will post up photos later.

I’m extremely exhausted. Phoooey. After sleeping erratically at the PRBO office for 2 nights (and leaving one of my new furry socks behind, SURPRISE to whoever next uses that futon) it will be nice to have a proper bed. Perhaps I will also be less chicken enough and turn off the lights tonight!

Got extremely seasick on the way here to the island. We took a powerboat out (it’s actually an old lobsterboat from Bristol, Maine) and e reached the island n 2.5 hours. Which is pretty sweet ebcuase w uually onyl have powerboats 10% of the time. Other times we come by sailboats. Which I’m not looking forward to because I got eexxxxtreeeemmmeely queasy on the boat. Considering the 4-5 hours on a sailboat, and considerably more choppy lurching, I  believe losing my meals on those subsequent trips will be unavoidable. I manage to keep my char siew bun down today, otherwise I think the gulls would have enjoyed a bit of the throw up special.

Among the lush “farallon weed” tons of western gulls are hopping around, trying to reclaim territory but mostly chilling out and being noisy. Apparently they’re pretty faithful to their turfs. They don’t vary more than 4feet per year. There’s a constant squawking and hooting of gulls. Although if you walk by them close enough, they emit a barking noise and I always turn around expecting to see a puppy close by.

There’s also bones littered all aroud the island. Bird bones? Yes, but not seabirds, it’s from chickens! We also found a spare-rib bone part. Little scavenger gulls do love their dump and junk-food. Soon they’ll be shopping at Walmart.

Anyway off to bed now. Making dinner tomorrow. Thea mentioned I should just throw random things into a pot and claim it’s “singaporen”. maybe that dead storm petrel. yum.

alright off to bed, maybe i’ll hear the cassin auklets flying in tonight.


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