Day 2 on the Farallons

First day of “Real Work” on the Island! And some photos.

-removed for pr purposes-

The pleasantries of island life. Anyway, today was spent checking out the Cassin’s Auklet boxes. Here’s where they live.


So we basically have stick our knee at the pipe opening to prevent any birds from running out, slowly lift the side of the lid, and check to see if there are any birds or if the box needs replacing. Sounds easy? Pretty easy, but when you have 402 boxes and half of them hidden beneathe Farallon Weed it takes a whole day’s work. Also kneeling down on rocks, plants, sand, chicken bones and a good dollop of gull shit gives you a serious case of nature-rug-burn. wew only found one bird today, which was actually a surprise! Didn’t expect to. Cute little grey fella.

Wondered how things get onto the island?

By helicopter! Except lowly interns of course. No, not really. Helicopters only transfer heavy things. Like Michelle, after she’s done with her stint and eating all those good dinners. Today was the last day helicopters are allowed to land on the island since they drive the birds batshit. Or gullshit (guano).

Also, saw three jet skiers really near the island which induced my supervisor to go into jaw dropping shock. A “First Sighting” apparently. Also highly illegal to be that near the island. Probably some silly rich people. We considered employing “Tourist Control” which would involve rocket launchers.


Phew the day was pretty long but it was my cooking day, so I whipped up some easy moroccan stew, and premade wanton wontons my family friend bought for me before I arrived. Not bad! Made wonton soupbroth for the first time.

Things are pretty slow for now, but they’re sure to pick up. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep an constant update!


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