Little Owl that live in Burrows.

Besides seabirds, other feathered friends on the Farallons include a small little owl that lives in crevices.. and if you know me, you know I just about go crazy for owls. So not surprisingly I was rolling over in excitement whenever I saw one of them (and sustained a few nettle stings on my bum).

That’s a burrowing owl! This one was not more than 6 inches in height. They migrate here for a little bit to feast on a threatened seabird called the Ashy Storm Petrel. Yesterday we went out to known owl roosts to spot them. There are about 4-6 living on the island now. And today we were out looking for dead storm petrels to estimate owl predation. And did we find the motherload! A previously unknown roost, and 19 storm petrel wings. The owls consume just abou everything else, leaving the wings behind. Whenever we find a wing, we give it a sniff to detect the musty odor of a storm petrel, and then stuff it in our pocket for the storm petrel bucket. yeah it’s pretty rank in there. (our pocket and bucket).
Those things got hammered! I managed to crawl into the roost to get the last few wings (finally a job that the small person can manage! Carry groceries? Noo, move the dumper jet? Noooo. crawl into owl roosts? Hell yes!)

Can you spot the cute murderer?

Yesterday was also St Paddy’s day on the Farallons. Guiness, irish soda bread, guiness-stew for dinner and chocolate chip cookies. Pretttay prettayyyy goood. The farallon leprechaun would approve.


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