No cute animals today.

Really exhausted today. Cause of exhaustion… bird watching? Yeah right. More like hardcore kitchen and pantry reorganisation. A thousand bucks spent at Costco, and 350 at Safeway’s means a lot of food needs to be stored and packed away. Oh yeah.


The winter crew leaving also means that there’s a lot of food to be thrown away! Here’s our pile of food that has seen better days:


After identifying a questionable item and collective groans of disgust, Russ would declared “HEEEE GAWWWWWWWNNNNNN” (Baseball Announcer of Home Runs Style) before it was relegated to the bad food chair.We even had some tinned russian fish, among other foods that had expired as early as the 06’s.

Buying food in bulk, produces a few scary images. Like this bucket of sugar. That’s right. A bucket. And another one for brown sugar as well 4 pound bag of chocolate chips. A bag of flour for “hotel and restaurants”… 50 pounds right there.


I’m also pleased at the quality of the food we get. I mean free range organic chicken stock! Ghiradelli hot chocolate….Also the wonderful irony of that, is that we have minced beef that comes in tins from costco. Doesn’t make dinner any less delicious though.

Our pantry organised and stocked ❤

Tomorrow, super spring cleaning of the house. That’s field biology for you.


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