Not AntiSocial Stay on your own Computer Night!

Today was an all out cleaning day. Big house wipe down! I did some heavy duty sweeping, mopping and toilet cleaning. Talk about being domestic. The day’s hard work was rewarded with a communal barbeque and potato salad. Yum. And we cracked open that humongo box of two bite brownies for dessert.

Judging by my eating, I’ll say I’ve been shoveling down twice my usual calorie load. I eat just about the same portion as the two six footer dudes, and I’m half their height and size. I’m hoping the extra activity, as opposed to my usual sit around and watch tv/go online-dom, will kind of even out each other. Oh but that spare tyre is surely growing day by day. *pats tummy*. fatteh! Also getting woefully drawn to coffee in the morning. Milo mixed in with a shot of coffee is a potently addictive combination.

Anyway after dinner, instead of the usual go to our computers for online socialising (which I think I’m the most guilty of in the house, big surprise) we played Scrabble Pool! Simple, but engrossing game. You start off with a pool of unturned tiles in the middle of table. Everyone gets 7 tiles to start with and you have to use all seven to form a crossword/scrabble style. Once someone has used all their times, they yell PULL and everyone takes an extra tile and it goes on until you have whomper sized crosswords and all the tiles are used up. You’re allowed to rearrange and constsruct whole new crosswords as you get new tiles. Here’s our final crosswords:

Scrabble Pool! Actually I don’t really know if Russ said “Pool” or “Pull” because both seem to work.

Yes, mine’s the one that sez Sex/Queen and double jews. Wirey isn’t a word but they okay-ed it. Shhhhh. My second puzzle was better, but didn’t take a photo. Had savant and savored in it! I thought I’d never have a day where I would cry out Vowel Overload! during a scrabble game, but hey hey hey. Michael had epidemiologist just as Russ called game, man that would have been preeetttyy sweet.


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