Winds, they are a-changing.

Its quite amazing how the winds blow and cease here. One day you get a light rustly breeze and the next the north westerlies are galing at 30 knots. “It’s honkin’ out there!” as they say in the Farallons. The wind kept me up all night on Monday, the roaring wind drowned out the screechy gulls who have become my au-naturel white noise machine.

Walking isn’t easy when it’s this windy. You’ve got to bend slightly forward, in charging position and plow headward into the wind with one hand holding your cap down. However, when you’re walking with the wind, it’s fun to do a little sprint and jump and feel the force propel you. Makes you feel a bit like a video game character actually.

I hear it goes up to 40 knots sometimes, and you can feel the house shake then. Oh boy.

Exhausted, off to bed. Dinner was a minor disaster. I burnt some potatoes on the new stainless steel pans and as a result spent a long time after scrubbing away like a scullery maid. I’m never cooking indian food again.


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