We all love the seabirds! But we also keep an eye out for landbirds. Well not really that careful an eye, because the only places you find them are the 3 trees on the island. One by each house, and the horizontal Monterey Pine. We haven’t seen too much of late. The count currently goes Myrtle and Audobon Warblers, Oregon Juncos, Ruby Crested Kinglet, Rock Wren and Meadowlarks being the usual suspect. However two day ago Michael and I spotted a little friend who we saw once and never again. He was also the only landbird that stayed long enough in one spot for a photo.

Here’s a Eurasian Collared Dove.

Once rare in North America, the Eurasian Collared Dove is now multiplying on the west coast. Invasive, or just non-native? Remains to be seen.

We also have a pair of Ravens that we see around the island. They always seem to be plotting something devious, but we never get close enough to eavesdrop.


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