Carry and Clean

Today was Boat Day. Every two weeks, if the weather permits, a sailboat will head out to the island bearing new people and fresh food. Today we got Annie and Pete and a good haul of groceries.

Usually we welcome folks on the East Landing, where we have the crane and the boat. However, the currents strangely came from due east, and we ended up having to use the North Landing. Instead of having our rail-track cart to push and carry things, we had to wheel barrow our trash over to the other side of the island. Also, there is no boat at the other island, so instead, a Zodiac is lowered by a hand cranked crane and Russ pilots over to the sailboat to pick up the new crew and our food, and to bring trash out, and whoever is leaving the island. (me, next boat run). And instead of lifting things by cranes, or billy pughs, we’re hand carrying our goods. Yeah, it’s a work out.


The Farallon Patrol, are volunteer sailboat owners who offer to bring us back and forth from the island. Usually they do it once a year, and as a return they get a guided tour. The sail usually takes 4-5 hours one way and man, a I not looking forward to that. Sea legs or stomach, I do not have.


Anyway it was pretty tiring day since Saturday is also cleaning day and the house needs to be spick and span before the boat arrives. So essentially today I cleaned the bathrooms, swept and mop the floors, hauled gear, held the zodiac, help to lift it up, unpacked groceries, checked Cassin Auklet boxes (1 egg!) , then had to cook dinner or 5 people. A fine roast chicken under Hum’s email guidance, turned out pretty decent. What happened to the carcass? Oh ho, we’ll see tomorrow..

I guess, what struck me as I was giving the sail crew the island tour was how much we took the wildlife and nature around us for granted. While they were busy marveling,  I realised that within two weeks my OMGSEALLOOKSEALIONWEEEEEEGGGGGUUUU (westerngull) has almost ceased. Just almost. Michael still stands there shaking his head while I’m on my belly/knees/doing a handstand trying to take the umpteenth photo of a Wegu).

But I was reminded of the joy in having wildlife constantly around you,  kudos to the charismatic california sea lion. Despite usually being sensitive to human presence, a brazen few over curious fellows on East Landing were most definitely not. Their canine-like heads are constantly peeping at us with curiosity, or just their bodies expertly arching over the surface of the sea, diving and popping out again with a loud doggy bark.



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