Busying up.

The April schedule is a few inches longer than the March schedule, and the our daily to-do lists have been growing. No, it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke that was pasted on our kitchen door. Things are starting pick up rapidly, and Cassin’s check was merely the start of the whole noisy smelly rowdy but surely exciting seabird season.

Although I’ve settled into most of my routines, the burrowing owl walk, elephant seal resights, Cassin’s box check, Murre re-sight, each job follows a 3,5 or even 15 day schedule. That means you aren’t doing the same thing every day, and that creates a nice diversity of activity. I enjoy doing maintainence work like building new nest boxes. Basic carpentry is something I could definitely pick up. However, I imagine sawing wood non stop for a month straight, or hammering ten thousand metal number tags into nest boxes would probably drive me crazy (considering I semi hammered my thumb when imprinting numbers onto metal tags). New sympathies for factory workers arising.

I’m really fond of the little Cassin’s. Their nightly shrill cries are but creature comforts to me. I love their stunningly white eyes and short and dumpy stature , watching them scuttle and scamper around in the dark under the light from a torch. The only problem is that they have sharp claws on their little blue webbed feet. The day after the first Cassin’s check I wondered why I had a half dozen little cuts on my right hand. It wasn’t till the next day, when I nabbed an indigant bird off his egg and he dug his claws in protest into my hand did I realise this. But just to be able to handle such delightful birds, I’m willing to let them shred my hands to ribbons.

However! Sticking my face into stinging nettle to check their boxes is another matter.


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