I love biology day.

Yesterday Pete brought me and Michael out to a cave. More on that later. Anyway, there’s a small crevice in the cave where a rhinosaurus auklet usually nests and it requires one to crawl on their belly on a moist (oh I know, don’t we just love that word) mix of guano and cave gunk to be able to stick one’s head to invade some disgruntled bird’s privacy.

This is the “I love biology” spot. They reckon one needs to remind themselves how much they love biology to be doing it. Caves, bird shit and belly crawling for some potentially pissy bird?? Piece of cake.

Here’s a rhino in a cave.

 However, galing winds, gushing rain and wearing non-functioning rain gear 8 sizes too big for me while scaling steep rocky slopes to look for storm petrel wings? Oh ho. No can do. It was most certainly my personal “I love Biology” day.

The best part? The moment I walked into the house after tromping up and down Lighthouse Hill looking like I just went swimming in a raincoat, the sun coyly peaks out behind a cloud.

After some customary fist waving at the sky, I continued the rest of my burrowing owl check. But my god.. was it gorgeous out. I believe that sunshine is best viewed after a rain. The wind was still teasingly rebellious, and my hands could barely hold my binoculars steady enough to get a view of a peregrine falcon hiding in a crevice who was clearly more sensible than me.. But the island gleamed in the post-rain sunshine and I had to stop and admire her beauty. Oh I love biology, damn straight I do.


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