It is good to be back. It feels a little awkward adjusting to island living. In the morning, instead of throwing on t-shirts and shorts, I’m wriggling into my work clothes (washed, but still grungy looking!). It felt a strange initally, but comfort soon set in. Mmm workpants. I’m pretty sure I’ll feel the same once I reassimilate to my daily tasks.

Anyyyyhoo. One of the surprises I got on the island has to do with Gemelli. What is Gemelli? A deceptively aesthetic pasta consisting of two intertwined strands of hollow noodles. But Gemelli, an absolute FAIL at holding pasta sauce. In a gemelli based dish, all you get is a mouthful of plain gummy doughy disappointment with a mocking hint of sauce. I hate gemelli.

And everyone on the Farallones seems to know that. I thought pasta favourtism was common place, since most of the Chuman-Wallman family share a similar dislike for gemelli (apart from Pa Chuman who probably due to some sort Eastern European genetics, seems to really fancy it). But apparently this pasta prejudice is not universal, and Farallon folks found it particular amusing.

So amusing, that this week’s shopping list had “12 boxes of Gemelli pasta for Michelle” written down. So amusing that when I was on break, Pete posted a photo of a gemelli-dish on my facebook wall. But really, what was most amusing was coming back to this:

Yes! Gemelli found in my belongings. In my jacket pocket, in my gloves, in my hiking shoes when I put my socked feet into it and wondered it felt so uncomfortable. I daren’t look anywhere else! It seems that prankster Annie left me a few presents before she left for her break.


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