Fishing on Tiri

(note photo quality is shit but I’m bandwidth limited. Click on it to make it bigger and marginally less fuzzy. xx)

Went out fishing with Max, a one week volunteer from Germany who’s on NZ on holiday. Angler extrodinaire we’ve been following him out to fish on the jetty. He’s been giving us fishing tips for as and when we get our rod. Will and I didn’t catch much, just some wee nibbles, but in two days he’s hooked us a snapper and 2 Kauris? Pity he’s off tomorrow or we’ll have our fresh fish dinner set and good German company. I picked up some fish cleaning skills from him and proper killed a fish in a million ways from piercing it’s heart to bashing its brain in with a wooden plank and then watching its heart beat autonomously in my hand when I realised I hadn’t pierced it in the first place. Our piscine friends were then prepared in three ways, baked, grilled and fried. Top notch!

Otherwise it’s been good on the island. A lot of what I’ve be doing is just walking around trying to figure out the location of my hundred and fifty odd Hihi nexting boxes. It’s a wonderful use of spatial memory skills that I am sorely lacking. However it is a beautiful and lovely island teeming with bird song. I could get used to this.



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