1st October –

Flying solo today, with Leila, Hihi-Goddess, off to watch the Scotland England rugby game. I had to find my way around the nextboxes that needed checking without her divine guidance. I was stumbling around blindly, bushwhacking, trying to find the odd hot pink tape that signified I was on a Hihi monitoring path. I felt a little bit like Alice chasing the elusive pink ribbon into the woods. The weather was a dismal grey which also made the woods a lot more gloomy. Being alone was starting to get creepy and as the day wore on the lone Tui (Parson’s Bird) cackling on the branch became decidedly more ominous. It felt like I was in a scary cartoon where the woods suddenly turned on you and the animals turn from friend to foe. And you can tell that it was making Will and I nervous as we successfully managed to make each other leap twice during the day when we bumped into one another.
Max left us today, so no more fresh fish for now šŸ˜¦ However I have now passed my mule-driving test. Well basically it means I can drive a golf cart around the island.

Living with Will strangely feels like living in a sitcom. I don’t see him very much at all during the day, but the number of amusing incidents that have come to pass (mostly regarding food) cracks me up. i.e. A box of flapjacks are left on the table and as two of the overnight guest children are happily reaching in for a piece, Will assumes it’s a communal share and reaches in as well. The girls turn around and give him wtf looks. It dawns upon Will that this was not communal dessert and then asks the girls if the flapjacks were theirs, and they nod incredulously. 2. Will, while out on the porch reading and waiting like an anxious mother for me to return from my prolonged nest box searching disaster, decidedly did not make friends with a ginger kid and his dad.


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