Rain rain, go away. England’s suffering a gorgeous heat wave whereas here it’s cold wet and drippy. Going to put off that night-walk to look for Kiwis just a little bit more.
New round of volunteers arrived today, bringing with them Nikki, who will be helping me with the Hihis for the next three weeks. She’ll have to learn the nestbox route as well to help out. Hopefully she’s not as spatially challenged as I am. Also we have two new french volunteers who bake their own bread (!) Serious case of food envy will ensue we suspect, while I chow down on our big pasta-with-whatever’s left mix-up. Yes in goes the 3 day old expired value pack of burgers. I miss the Farallon days with Annie whipping up her Fine Cooking gourmet meals. Oh how I miss you, home-made desserts.
Finally, this world proves smaller than we imagine, as our third volunteer, Christina, happens to have taken the EEC Master’s course at Silwood just one year before us. Silwood stories were fondly exchanged over dinner. Just can’t seem to get away!

Here’s a photo of some short of shearwater I saw on the way out. No time to take photos too busy. Ten hour days!


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