The Price is Not Right

So the rugby world cup’s been going on in New Zealand, and as luck would have it, we’re being kicked off the island for a Tiri supporters weekend the same day as the rugby final which happens to be held in Auckland. So Will’s booking hostels with his credit card, and decided to make sure he has enough money left in his bank account.

Will:”I’ve went 20 pounds over my overdraft.”
Me: *distractedly* “Oh that’s not good.”
“What is this? I spent 430 quid in Singapore? What is DFS?”
“Duty Free Shop, what the HELL did you buy Will?
“That’s not 430 quid.”
“..and a belt. But the belt was 5 quid. I must have been scammed. Or they keyed in the wrong amount.”
“Um… let me see the belt.”
“Can’t be the belt… the shop lady said it was only 5 pounds.”

Will hands over a brown weaved leather belt. I look at it.. looks like a nice leather belt… smells like a nice leather belt. No brand name.. oh hang on. Engraved onto the back of it was Bottega Veneto. Made in Italy.

“I’m not sure how to tell you this Will, but this belt is probably not 5 quid.”

We then decide to google Bottega Veneto on the internet. It comes up with “Luxury Leather Goods” and has one of those fancy web pages where they don’t even bother listing the price of their items. Then on another link “…owned by Gucci.”

“Will. Are you SURE she didn’t save five HUNDRED pounds??”

Will turns a shade paler than his usual pasty self. “Actually… there was a Gucci right next to the shop. And the lady did ask me whether I wanted the belt to be nicely gift wrapped….and I said no no.. I’ll just wear it now on my baggy jeans”
“Have I been wearing a half a grand belt into the field….!?”
“Yes. Yes you have.”
“Hm. I was just thinking the other day that it was a good belt.”
It bloody better be.

What a 430pounds belt looks like.


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