Au revoir!

Flo (in his delightful french accent): Did you see Will today? He saw his robins making love, and was very happy.

Rivalry runs high as today marks the rugby quarterfinal between England and France. We’re squirreled up in the ranger’s house to watch the game live on tv. Unfortunately our french and english volunteers have left today. The french aren’t around to strut their stuff as the French rugby team currently charges ahead with an impressive lead.

However they did have the satisfaction of having gourmet meals the whole time they were on the island while Will and I plonkered on with our grossly miscalculated groceries that will have to last us the next two weeks. Certainly no competition there.

Actually, that photo doesn’t even do justice to their meals. I mean, that isn’t even french food.

But they’ve left today, Flo, Sylvie and Christina. A good lot, like Max, they’ll be sorely missed. Volunteers come on every Sunday and leave on Saturday. For a little bit o’l manual labour, they get free lodging and  a ride onto the island. As Ian the ex-ranger says, you gotta get used to them leaving or you’ll be needing a therapist at this rate.

Flo, Sylvie and Christina

Christina: So there’s this photo of a GIANT kiwi in the book…. I had to look at it a few times, it must be something with the camera angle..

Enormous Kiwi


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