Inventor of the predator proof fence (“we built a fence, stuck a cat on one side, a tasty bird on the other, then observed…..) and helicopter goat-hunting, New Zealand is clearly well known for its invasive animal eradiction techniques.

However, they are just as efficient at invasive control as well. We had a weed control team stay with us for three weeks, a mega cheeky o’l ex-ranger dog (whose greatest joy in life is derived from giving Will a joyfully hard time about being a lazy bastard), sweetly mischievous irish lassie wth a twinkle in her eye, and a professional chainsawing abseiler (say.. what?) friend, all who were made jolly good company.

Inevitably, I got roped in to do a spot of weeding as well. One of the more noxious and virulent weeds is this innocent looking Heirloom Lily, which I had been mistakenly admiring during my bird jaunts. Bad Lily…Lily gonna get got. So I hauled my poor assistant over to help dig up a flower. All I did was stand there and point, and Nikki, weeder champion in the making, gave a hefty yank and unfortunately fell backwards into some bracken, heels in the air! Nikki being a 6’2 lady, was all legs and arms, and looked adorably similar to a toppled over giraffe. But we finally managed to bag it, flower, bulb and all.

I do miss all the fine folk on this island. It was Nikki’s last week and she’s been a great Hihi loving volunteer, she even bought a 7 dollar Hihi pin to prove it. Highly entertaining company as well, and I reckon we made quite a pair trotting down the track. A tall lanky hipster but-really-wanna-be-punk kiwi, and a pint sized singaporean muppet all out for a laugh …


Nikki: It’s wasn’t me… YOU do all the screwing.
Michelle: *blink* I do.

The most rare and dangerous creature on Tiri: Michelle with a power tool.


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