Pop Popped By

My dad came to visit me on Tiritiri Matangi recently, proudly donning the “Brown Dad” hat I bought him, and taking photos like a good and proper Asian. It was lovely having my father out on my field site, as I imagine it helps him understand why I do what I do and enjoy it so. Of course, like any parent, he was overly worried about me whacking my eye, falling, getting scratched up, biking (Dad – I wear a helmet all the time – relax.) But I feel like those are to some level, battle scars and small and proud prices we pay for working this line.

Unfortunately he probably won’t be visiting me in Auckland anymore… I was dismayed! After an impudent inquiry on my part, he modestly mentioned he would be changing his fleet, and would now be flying the A-380 for the next five years until retirement. Unfortunately Auckland doesn’t feature on the A-380’s route. Bah.

Wish he could have stayed longer. I made a point to wave at the sky the next day, I’m pretty sure he could see my tiny hand as he flew back to Singapore.

Yes my sun glasses are duct taped together if you're wondering.


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