Notes from Buldir (II)

Hello once again,

Here’s another I’m ALIVE! Update. I suspect that some of you may not
be getting this message, since gmail/hotmail seems to think satellite
email should go straight to your spam folder, which probably isn’t too
far off from what this is really.

Anyway, if I’ve not mentioned it before, did you know my is cold, wet
and windy. It’s usually about 5 degrees here most days. It’s windy and
there’s always a fog or a slight drizzle. It’s kind of like a colder
and wetter (poss) version of London. Every evening at 9pm we have
RADIOCALL! Where we check in with the HQ in Adak, where they give us
the weather. It’s almost always 20knots, NW, patchy fog, RAIN.
Sometimes the radiocall is conducted by the refuge manager, and he
likes to play a little music clip in the beginning with a dramatic
it brings you back to the .. 60’s? Where everyone’s huddled around the
radio in the evening for nightly entertainment. (Mostly we get
weather, and requested sports results and on Friday we get special
“News of the Weird.”) What is happening though in the world?!

The afternoons of mine are occupied by burrow productivity checks.
These are conducted every 4-7 days and it involves clambering around a
rocks and boulders and peering into crevices. More deets on that next
week. The highlight of yesterday’s burrow check though was when Jill
dropped her pencil into a crevice. It was down a hole, about 1m deep
and she couldn’t reach it. I, despite having shorter arms, felt that
my smaller stature would stack the odds in my favour since I could go
further into the hole. And so I did, diving down head first, and
finally grasping the pencil. However when I tried to get out, I
realised I was stuck. That is head facing downwards into a hole.

Rule: If you are crawling downwards into a hole. Do not proceed
further than your bum. For you will lack the muscle to pull yourself
up and will be left stranded with your two legs dangling in the air
and blood rushing to your head. You may also be at risk of losing your
beanie and be the laughing stock of small black seabirds. After about
5 minutes of hilarity ensuing, and my muscles if not strong enough to
pull me out, was definitely exhausted from the upside-down laughing,
Jill finally had to yank me back up, with various limbs. Arms (I had
one hand in, one hand out)? Legs? a la, Pulling out the Enormous
Turnip Fairytale -style before I tumbled out. Thank goodness there was
no need for me to starve myself for a few days before I could finally
get yanked out. chubbsies chubbsies.

That’s it for now. Am missing everyone loads! Remote island losing
novelty now. At least the crew is a good bunch. They did however make
me say over Radiocall that we found an “Oliental Gleenfinch” on the

Bye bye for now!



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