Hello from Buldir!

Hello all,
 Here’s greeting from Buldir, in the Bering Sea. Second last island on
the little tail off the west coast of Alaska. It is now raining and
freezing, and I spend most of the 2 days I was here shivering in my
booties. It was exactly what I signed up for, but I just found out
that my nylon rain jacket isn’t exactly waterproof, and that I went to
bed on a slightly damp pillow… on the bright side my sleeping bag is
warm and toasty, and I get a decent night’s sleep, lullabied by the
screechy storm petrels, and lulled unconscious by the carbon monoxide
fumes from the kerosene heater. Thankfully the Fish and Wildlife lads
have also built a new outhouse from scratch, that was much needed.

However, it is lovely to wake up and walk out of our weatherport (a
set up structure that’s like 8 x 20 feet half cylinder covered with a
tarp) and have a beautiful view of a snowcapped hills. I also made a
walk to the auklet blind yesterday, and it was slippery slidey!!! But
it was worth it. Going to spend a lot of that time in that shivery
blind, but the Crested Auklets are a charismatic and noisy bunch that
perch on top of boulders in small groups barking at each other. They
sound like small chihuahuas yapping away! They also fly around in
great numbers, like fish schools or fly swarms swirling diving and
dipping in the air. They are also almost always in groups with least
auklets which a tinier and slightly less silly looking.

Alright that’s it for now, I won’t be able to reply to each email
personally, but if you drop me an email I’ll respond in the next mass
group email out! Remember, no attachments, just text, and delete my
email if you can cos each bite downloaded takes up our sat phone
minutes. Muchos gracias. And yes mum and dad.. I’ll stay safe it’s
fine. I know. Miss you all.

Cold and wet.


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